Unified API

Build crypto businesses. 
Not - technical 

Launch crypto execution, yield generation, or payment execution services in weeks not months with a single API.


The average number of technical integrations to launch a digital assets business


Say crypto operations, risk 
oversight, and reporting are the biggest stress factors


Are bridging the operations gap between tradfi and crypto with spreadsheets and more resources

Build and scale at pace

Switch on providers in minutes, reduce onboarding 
or integration time by leveraging pre-built integrations 
so you can scale a digital assets business, fast.

More integration options, less hassle

Add or replace crypto infrastructure at will, 
unlocking new markets and demographics with 
no extra development effort.

Reduce operations complexity

Operate from one universal data source quickly 
and securely. No manual reporting or spreadsheets. 
Unify off-chain with on-chain. Get real-time insights 
on your crypto operations.

We choose Crymbo as a solution to address our need to scale and optimize Horizon’s crypto trading services from both aspects, technology and operationally, plus having the ability to use and interconnect with multiple vendors and solutions seamlessly.

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