Find risk, revenue, 
and non-compliance hiding 
in your crypto operations.

Complete visibility into your infrastructure, data and technology stack, uncovering opportunities that boost your bottom line and reduce your risk. Monitor performance and stay on top of reporting.


A single unified ledger combining 
on & off-chain data

5 mins

Time for risk & control functions to react to breaches, outages, non-compliances and broken transactions


Alerts and charts to keep risk, ops, 
and control functions synchronised

Reduce operational risks

Unfiy fragmented operations across pre, trade and post trade functions. Sync data in your preferred format and power up real time and receive instant notifications of any key risk or operations metrics.

Know your data

Instantly view exactly what’s happening across your on/off chain data using advanced charts, filters and dashboards. Build any format you need to send to your existing finance, data, and operations teams. Track PL, reconciliations and alerts.

Be financial reporting ready

Easily aggregate, stream & review all data in the Crymbo ledger for a single source of truth across your organisation.

We choose Crymbo as a solution to address our need to scale and optimize Horizon’s crypto trading services from both aspects, technology and operationally, plus having the ability to use and interconnect with multiple vendors and solutions seamlessly.

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