Treasury Management

Manage capital across 
multiple wallets, custodians 
with ease.

Track exposures, trade breaks & allocations across CeFi, DeFi 
and TradFi to drive capital efficiency across fragmented wallets.


Uplift in capital efficiency across venues and wallets

5 hours

Improvement in reaction time 
to suspicious funds

5 min

Time to see consolidated treasury positions

Cross wallet assets control

Monitor capital allocations across wallets, 
venues and custodians

Capital efficiency

Allocated capital to where it is needed most, fast through intelligent and audited signing processes


Eliminate the disbursement or receipt of suspicious 
funds using automated AML, KYC integrated within treasury functions.

We choose Crymbo as a solution to address our need to scale and optimize Horizon’s crypto trading services from both aspects, technology and operationally, plus having the ability to use and interconnect with multiple vendors and solutions seamlessly.

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