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Increase in manual data aggregation, manipulation time, costs


Manual data results in higher errors rates resulting in poor decisions and compliance


Increase in risk of regulatory fines due to missed deadlines, low compliance

Centralised Reporting and Analytics

Generate comprehensive reports and dashboards across all integrated services, providing holistic insights into crypto operations. Use data pre-processing and transformation tasks through built-in automation features, saving time and resources.

Enhanced Regulatory Compliance and Data Transparency

Streamline regulatory, accounting and risk reporting by generating automated reports for KYC/AML, transaction monitoring, and other compliance requirements. Ensure data integrity and auditability with a central data repository.

Unified Data Ingestion and Streaming

Consolidate data from all connected infrastructure services into a single platform, eliminating the need for manual data aggregation, manipulation and complex data governance or access control.


Businesses like Crymbo take crypto asset management to the next level, making the complex task of handling digital asset operations more accessible and user-friendly.

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