Build brilliant digital asset operations, fast.

Crymbo’s orchestration platform unifies TradFi, CeFi & DeFi infrastructure with a single API so Traditional Finance Institutions spend less time on integrations or reconciliations and more time scaling.

The Problem

Crypto infrastructure is fragmented

making it hard to talk to each other leaving you open to risk breaches, 
siloed data and manual processes held together by humans.

You can't build a compliant, 
scalable, digital assets business for onchain and fiat assets on fragmented infrastructure.
Combining CeFi, DeFi with our TradFi businesses require manual integrations, spreadsheets and teams of people to stitch data together.
Crypto market structure is constantly shifting. Pivoting & scaling crypto infrastructure can be slow, expensive and risky.
Meet crymbo

Everything you need 
to orchestrate digital asset operations, treasury
and data.

We've built the operations rails to unify traditional financial services with CeFi and DeFi so your business can build for the future without adding existential risks along the way.


See the end of bilateral infrastructure integrations with Crymbo's unified API. Integrate once to build your complete digital assets stack across pre-trade, trade and post trade functions.

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Stop missed trading opportunities, trade breaks and transaction signing with Crymbo Omniwallet solutions. Control your multiple and custody providers using a single dashboard and interface to enable wallet rebalancing, capital allocation and risk recognition.

Stop the reliance on spreadsheets, macros and staff to reconcile data across DeFi, CeFi and Tradfi business operations. With Crymbo, you can orchestrate data flows to risk and back office teams with ease.


Businesses like Crymbo take crypto asset management to the next level, making the complex task of handling digital asset operations more accessible and user-friendly.

Evald-Hannes Kree
CEO and Founder
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Banks and financial institutions are looking for more solutions like Crymbo to enable them to simplify access to adopt new financial technologies, mainly in the Web 3.0 markets

Otni Oron
Innovation Lab Strategic Lead
Bank Hapoalim
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We choose Crymbo as a solution to address our need to scale and optimize Horizon’s crypto trading services from both aspects, technology and operationally, plus having the ability to use and interconnect with multiple vendors and solutions seamlessly.

Ilan Sterk
Horizon Altshuler-Shaham
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Why Crymbo

Pioneering Seamless Digital Asset Adoption Across Providers and Protocols.


Say crypto operations, risk oversight, and reporting are the biggest stress factors


Are bridging the operations gap between tradfi and crypto with spreadsheets and more resources

12 Hours

Average time taken for risk and control functions to react to breaches, outages, non-compliances & broken transactions


Decrease in capital efficiency when trading & authorising transactions across multiple wallets, custodians and venues.

Add new infrastructure to your 
business through a single API

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