Improve Capital Efficiency

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Increase in security incidents due to manual processes and single points of failure


Expected loss in annual revenues due to idle assets

30 mins

Average time to move assets across venues, wallets, and liquidity pools resulting in lost revenue opportunities.

Maximise Investment Returns

Reduce idle asset holdings by dynamically shifting unutilised funds into income-generating opportunities fast

Increase Operational Efficiency

Gain real-time insights into wallet activity and asset utilisation through comprehensive dashboards and analytics.

Enhance Security and Regulatory Compliance

Implement multi-signature and threshold signing protocols for secure transaction authorization, mitigating single point of failure risks. Provide detailed audit trails and reporting tools to meet regulatory requirements and ensure transparency for investors.


Businesses like Crymbo take crypto asset management to the next level, making the complex task of handling digital asset operations more accessible and user-friendly.

Trusted by regulated TradFi businesses across the world.
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